iOS 17.4 17 Major Features - iOS 17.4 Features


iOS 17.4 Features - Releasing Date

Number1: E-U Changes: 

To comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, Apple announced major changes to the App Store, Apple Pay, Safari, and more. These changes will be implemented with iOS 17.4 for iPhone users who reside in the 27 countries that belong to the EU. Some of the changes include:

Support for alternative app marketplaces and alternative payment options on the App Store.

A new default web browser selection screen in Safari and the ability for third-party web browsers to use web engines other than Apple’s WebKit on the iPhone.

The ability for third-party mobile wallet apps to access the iPhone’s NFC chip for contactless payment functionality. A reduced commission structure for apps in Europe.

Alternative App Stores and New App Store Terms: 

As part of the EU changes, Apple now allows alternative app marketplaces on the iPhone, such as the Epic Games Store and the Cydia Store. 

Users can download and install apps from these sources without jailbreaking their devices. 

However, Apple warns that these apps may not be as secure or reliable as those from the official App Store. Apple also updated its App Store terms and conditions to reflect these changes.

Alternative Payment Options: 

Another EU change is that Apple now allows alternative payment options for in-app purchases, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Bitcoin. Users can choose their preferred payment method when they buy digital goods or services within an app. Developers can also offer discounts or incentives for using certain payment methods.

Third-Party Browser Updates: 

In addition to the new default web browser selection screen in Safari, Apple also allows third-party web browsers to use web engines other than Apple’s WebKit on the iPhone. 

This means that browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge can offer faster performance, better compatibility, and more features than before. Users can also set these browsers as their default apps for opening web links.

Gaming App Changes: 

Apple now allows game streaming apps in the App Store, such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and Nvidia GeForce Now. These apps let users play high-end games on their iPhones without downloading or installing them. Users can also connect external controllers, keyboards, and mice to enhance their gaming experience.

New Emoji: 

iOS 17.4 includes new emoji for the following things: Head Shaking Horizontally, Head Shaking Vertically, Melting Face, Face with Spiral Eyes, Face in Clouds, Heart on Fire, Mending Heart, Woman with Beard, Person with Beard, and more.

Messaging with Siri: 

Siri has been upgraded to iOS 17.4 with support for reading messages in additional languages, not just the assigned language used for Siri for all other tasks. Users can choose which languages they want Siri to read their messages in, and Siri will automatically switch between them depending on the sender and the content of the message.

Podcasts and Music: 

The Music and Podcasts apps have been updated with new designs and features in iOS 17.4. The Listen Now tabs have been renamed to Home tabs, with a new house-shaped icon. The Now Playing bar in Podcasts has also been redesigned to match the style of the Music app.

Podcast Transcripts: 

Starting with iOS 17.4, the Podcasts app now offers transcripts for podcasts, allowing listeners to read the full text of an episode, search for a specific word or phrase, and tap on the text to jump to a certain part of the episode. Apple says it automatically generates transcripts after a new episode is published. Transcripts are available for podcasts in English, French, German, and Spanish, and they will be added to older episodes in a podcast’s catalog over time.

Stolen Device Protection: 

iOS 17.4 introduces more options for stolen device protection, such as remotely locking the device, displaying a custom message on the lock screen, and erasing the device after a certain number of failed passcode attempts. Users can also track the location of their stolen device using the Find My app, even if the device is turned off or has no cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Next-Generation CarPlay Support: 

iOS 17.4 prepares the iPhone for the launch of next-generation CarPlay later this year. CarPlay is Apple’s software that allows users to access their iPhone’s apps and features on their car’s infotainment system. The next-generation CarPlay will offer wireless connectivity, improved navigation, enhanced Siri integration, and more.


Starting with iOS 17.4, Apple has expanded SharePlay music control to HomePod speakers. This feature allows family and friends to control the music that is playing on your HomePod if you approve their request. 

For now, it is limited to the Music app, and other people do not require an Apple Music subscription to participate. While playing a song on your iPhone, tap the SharePlay icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up a QR code, which another person can scan with their iPhone or Android smartphone’s camera to request access to music playback controls. Even a screenshot of the QR code suffices, allowing you to remotely grant access to people around the world.

Stopwatch Live Activity: iOS 17.4 adds a new feature called Stopwatch Live Activity, which lets users share their stopwatch timer with other people in real-time. 

This can be useful for activities like workouts, cooking, studying, and more. Users can start a stopwatch on their iPhone, and then tap the share icon to generate a link that they can send to anyone. The recipients can open the link on any device and see the live countdown or count up of the stopwatch.

Apple TV App: 

The Apple TV app has been updated with a new design and layout in iOS 17.4. The app now features a Watch Now tab, which shows personalized recommendations and curated collections of movies and shows. 

The app also has a new Library tab, which shows the user’s purchased and rented content, as well as their downloaded content for offline viewing. The app also integrates with the Apple TV+ service, which offers original content from Apple.

App Store: 

The App Store app has been updated with a new design and layout in iOS 17.4. The app now features a Today tab, which shows editorial content, app stories, tips, and collections. 

The app also has a new Games tab, which shows the latest and most popular games, as well as game categories and genres. The app also integrates with the Apple Arcade service, which offers unlimited access to over 100 games for a monthly fee.

Clock Widget: 

iOS 17.4 adds a new widget for the Clock app, which shows the current time and date, as well as the time zones of up to four cities of the user’s choice. The widget can be added to the Home screen or the Today View, and it can be customized with different sizes and colors.

NFC Access: 

iOS 17.4 opens up the NFC chip on the iPhone to allow alternatives to Apple Pay in Europe. This means that users can use third-party mobile wallet apps, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Revolut, to make contactless payments with their iPhones. Users can also set their default NFC and wallet app in the Settings app.

Release Date: 

Apple will release iOS 17.4 in March, likely during the first week of the month. The update will be available as a free download for all compatible iPhone models.