**What will be the new features and updates in Samsung Galaxy S24, S25, and S26 Ultra Models?**


According to a report, the Samsung Galaxy S24, S25, and S26 Ultra versions will have significant camera enhancements. According to a source called Revegnus, Samsung is going to improve the camera performance of its top Ultra models in the coming years. 

They have revealed some information regarding the camera specifications of the future Galaxy S24, S25, and S26 Ultra versions, which are set to be released in 2024, 2025, and 2026, respectively.

The source believes that the Galaxy S24 Ultra's periscope camera would be significantly improved, with a 50MP sensor with 0.7m pixels replacing the current Galaxy S23 Ultra's 10MP sensor with 1.12m pixels. Depending on their preferences, the user will be able to pick between higher resolution and more optical zoom. 

Samsung has previously stated that it is working on high-resolution sensors for telephoto lenses.

The primary camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra will remain intact, but the main and ultra-wide cameras on the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be much improved. 

The main camera will have a new lens, while the ultra-wide camera will get a 50MP sensor, up from the previous models' 12MP. 

The most intriguing update will be the periscope camera, which will have a changeable focal length, similar to what Sony offers on the Xperia 1 III. 

The camera can use optical zoom without cropping the sensor, producing higher image quality.

The main camera sensor on the Galaxy S26 Ultra will eventually be updated, increasing in size from 1/1.3" 0.6m to 1.1" 0.7m while maintaining the 200MP resolution. 

This will increase the camera's low-light performance and dynamic range.

The insider also claims that the Galaxy S25 and S25+ models will receive additional sensors, though not as powerful as the Ultra model. 

These devices are scheduled to be released in 2025, whereas the Galaxy S24 series will be released in mid-January 2024.