Thousands of graveyards has been prepared in Brazil for corona virus patients.

Authorities in Brazil, South America's largest country prepared numerous graveyards to bury Victims by Corona Virus.

As seen in the video shared by Russia Today, a large number of graveyards have been prepared for corona virus patients.

Authorities has prepared such a large number of graves to deal with any unforeseen situation. According to RT, the graveyards were initiated in the main Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.


In Brazil, there are 10,475 positive cases of the Corona virus, and so far, there are 448 deaths due to this global outbreak.



Corona death rates in Brazil are alarmingly high. So far, 575 cases has been closed, out of which 448 has been death And only 127 people survived out of 575. In Brazil, the death rate due to coronavirus has so far 78%.

Video courtesy: Russia Today.