Complete history of Jerusalem, A history which is based on 7 Thousands Years.

British General Sir Edmund Allenby was so aware of the Sanctity of Jerusalem that when he defeated the Ottoman forces and entered the city via Bab al-Khalil to occupy Jerusalem he preferred to walk rather than ride a horse or drive a car. The incident occurred on December 11, 1917, one hundred years ago. British Prime Minister David Lloyd George wrote on the occasion "after occupying the most famous city in the world, the Christian world has reclaimed the holy places. Newspapers from all over the Western world celebrate victory. US newspaper New York Herald captioned: 'Britain has liberated Jerusalem after 673 years of power. There has been a surge of great joy in the Christian world.


A hundred years after the incident, US President Donald Trump announced that Jerusalem is Israel's capital; however, countries around the world warned him that the announcement could spark a new wave of violence in the region. Jerusalem has been crowned many times; its inhabitants have been forcibly deported many times and countless wars have been fought in its streets.

Jerusalem Mayor Hussein Hussein (3rd from right) holds the keys of the city to the British in 1917

It is the only city in the world that Jews, Christians and Muslims consider it as a holy city. The Jews believe that this is where the universe was created, and this is a palace where Prophet Abraham arranged his son's sacrifice. Christians believe that Jesus was crucified here and this is where his most holy church is located. According to the Muslims belief, the Prophet of Islam had prayed with all prophets in the Aqsa Mosque in this city before going to Miraj. Muslims and Christians has been fighting for a thousand years to take over this city.


The Muslims first defeated the Byzantines during the rule of the 2nd Caliph Hazrat Umar in 638 and occupied the city. In the Christian world, this event was a great tragedy. Finally, in 1095, Pope Urban II campaigned throughout Europe and appealed to Christians to gather troops to liberate Jerusalem from Muslims. As a result, in 1099, a combined army of peoples, princes and kings succeeded in liberating Jerusalem.


It was the first crusade. However, most of the soldiers soon returned to their homeland and eventually Sultan Salah Uddin Ayubi succeeded in liberating the city 90 years later. The turbulence spread to Europe once again and four other crusades were fought one after another, but they failed to oust Muslims from Jerusalem. However, in 1229, the Mamluk ruler Al-Kamil handed over Jerusalem to Frederick II, but only 15 years later, Khorazmiya occupied the city once again, after that, the city remained under Muslim control for the next 673 years. The American newspaper pointed to those 673 years.


From 1517 to 1917, the city was a part of the Ottoman Empire, and the Ottoman Emperors paid close attention to the administration of the city. They built walls around the city, built roads and built a postal system, while in 1892 a railway line was laid here. After General Alan B.'s take over this city, it remained in the British Empire for three decades, during that time Jews from all over the world came and settled there. Finally, in 1947, the UN approved the division of the city into two parts, under which not only Palestine was divided, but Jerusalem was also divided into two parts, the eastern part was handed over to the Palestinians while the western part was handed over to the Jews.


The next year, Israel declared itself as an independent country. This was unacceptable for Arab countries and they attacked together but they were defeated. For the next two decades, the eastern part of Jerusalem remained under Jordan's control, but Israel also occupied it in the 1967 war. The international community considers this take over illegal till today. The Israeli parliament has declared Jerusalem as its capital since 1950, but other countries have set up their embassies in Tel Aviv, rather than Jerusalem, in honor of the UN resolution. Now US President Donald Trump has broken this tradition. Thus, the United States became the first country to accepted Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Israeli poet Judah Omahaei wrote, "Jerusalem is a coastal city on the shores of eternity." This can be estimated from this Jerusalem timeline:

5000 BC: According to archaeologists, there was a human population in Jerusalem seven thousand years ago. As such, it is one of the oldest cities in the world.

1000 BC: Prophet David conquered the city and made it the capital of his kingdom.

960 BCE: Prophet Solomon's son Prophet David builds a temple in Jerusalem called the Temple of Solomon.

589 BCE: Bakht Nasr destroys the city and expels the Jews.

539 BCE: Cyrus the Great, the ruler of Jerusalem, occupied Jerusalem and allowed the Jews to return.

30 CE: Roman soldiers crucify Jesus Christ.

638: Muslims occupy the city.

691: The ruler of the Umayyad, Abdul Malik, built the Dome of the Rock.

1099: The Crusaders take over the city.

1187: Salah Uddin Ayubi defeats the Crusaders and expels them from the city.

1229: Frederick II acquires Jerusalem without a fight.

1244: Occupation of Muslims again.

1517: Sultan Salim I joins Jerusalem to the Ottoman Empire.

1917: Englishman Allen B. enters the city after defeating the Ottomans.

1947: The UN divides the city into Palestinian and Jewish parts.

1948: The Declaration of Independence of Israel, the city is divided into Israel and Jordan.

1967: Israeli occupation of both parts of the Arab War results.