Corona Virus: How Did Lockdown Help Tara to Separate from a Violent Partner?

Tara (nickname), a British citizen, had to stay with her violent partner during the lockdown, but she is happy that this lockdown helped her understand to get rid of this violent person forever.The UK's National Domestic Violence Helpline Organization 'Refuge' says that they received Domestic Violence complaints in the last two weeks that's up 25% from the week before lockdown. 

Tara told the BBC that she had been experiencing mental and physical violence from her partner for the last month. She said her partner had taken a new approach of violence and banned her to meet family and friends, saying that she is cheating with him. Tara further told to BBC that her partner delete her social media accounts and banned her to meet family and friends.

Tara says her partner was torturing her mentally and physically and after the lockdown, it increased dramatically.She says her situation was so bad that she didn't care whether she would wake up the next day or not because she was well aware of what the next day would be like. She wanted these days to pass fast. When he woke up, he would freak out with me and when I responded to him, he started to physical torture. The Tara has now taken refuge.